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408-553-9900 | 2135 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050
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New Tandoori Cafe (Santa Clara)

408-553-9900 | 2135 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050

From Wraps to Curries, Biryani to Burgers…New Tandoori Café is Redefining the Indian/Pakistani Dining Experience! Serving the Santa Clara community with wholesome, fresh and – most importantly – authentic Indian and Pakistani culinary delights, New Tandoori Café has become something of a culinary landmark. Here, it’s not about speed, conforming to a certain stereotype or providing a “temporary fix” for a culturally ethnic craving…no, at New Tandoori, we’re about taking the time to prepare genuine culinary gems from the golden shores of Bombay that are guaranteed to stay with you.

In the mood for something beyond Kebabs and Curries? You’ve come to the right place. New Tandoori serves Indian dishes that are not only visually stunning but resonate with an authenticity unlike other so-called “real Indian/Pakistani” dining locales. Beyond the impeccable service by our expertly trained staff, New Tandoori Café sparkles with an extensive menu with satisfying plates that will put a smile on any food aficionado’s face!

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Go-to items include Desi Chicken Wrap, Masala Chai and Chicken Tikka. Our Chicken Tikka, in particular, has become widely known for its explosion of flavors and unique characteristics like the spicy tomato sauce we cook this classic dish in. As for what most of our return customers come back for time and time again, there’s the exquisite Mattar Paneer, Saag Chicken, Desi Wrap, Mixed Vegetables and Chicken Dum Biryani, served piping hot with well-cooked rice for an absolutely delicious experience. Try a bit of everything--we know you won’t be disappointed.

New Tandoori is a place you and your friends and family can come for incredible Indian food at reasonable prices. Dine-in or takeout, we’re ready to satisfy your hunger. The next time you’re in the Santa Clara area and begin hankering for something truly unique, look no further than New Tandoori Café!

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